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Method of selecting and purchasing precision mould

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/11/23 16:38:51 Hits:802
In recent years, the mold industry to accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, mainly for the overall development speed of the large-scale precise complex the long life mold and the mold standard letter development speed is higher than the industry; plastic mold and die casting mold proportion increases; the number of professional mold manufacturers face the market and to increase rapidly. The future development direction of China automotive die and mould company should focus on the adjustment and positioning of product structure, further improve the manufacturing technology level of the mould, and occupy the high-end mould market with complex structure, high precision and high technology content. Because of the high technical content, such as the development of precision die, processing and manufacturing and so on. Therefore, choosing a mold is not a matter of small profits and bad events. Objective judgement should not pay too much attention to the difference in price, so as to ignore the value that good quality mold brings to us. So how to choose and buy fine quality mold? It is suggested from the following two aspects:
1. Factory scale
It is suggested that a large scale manufacturer, a large scale manufacturer, and a standardized management system should be selected, which has certain guarantee in terms of product quality, price, delivery time, service and so on. After choosing a good manufacturer, we must first find the regular management qualification of the manufacturer, and pass the ISO9001:2008 international standard quality management system certification certificate. ISO international standardization certification ensures the stability of precision dies during the entire order and assembly process.
Two, product quality
1, mold workmanship: qualified mold workmanship is excellent, meticulous, without defects.
2, mold appearance: the main observation of the appearance of the mold whether there are any rust, surface marks, defects and other defects.
3, service life: according to the processing technology, structure and production analysis, the service life of the qualified precision mold should be more than 300 thousand times.
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