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The design of the precision die requires a large plate

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/11/23 16:38:07 Hits:815
In the design of plastic mould, the design of precision die has a high requirement. The following items can be considered in the design of a precision mold.
1. The shape and size accuracy of the object formed, the flow direction of the resin, the transmission of the ejection pressure, the solidification of the filled resin. Kunshan Jingxin Association Electronic Technology Limited company as a professional manufacturer, the product has a high degree of knowledge, it is also the source of precision mold design. So the demand for the product must be very clear.
Two, the characteristics of object forming products, there is a systematic list of characteristics of molded products, mainly in terms of materials, the shape of molded parts, and some details of mold design.
Three. The structure of the mold. The structure of mould structure scheme and ordinary mould take is different. Structure design of ordinary plastic mold may have several are feasible, but fine mold, some structure may have a certain impact, so some structure scheme of precision mold may be so demanding. It is mainly to consider the influence of the die action on the products.
Four. The rigidity and strength of the mold. The rigidity of the mold is very important, some of the problems on the product are closely related to the strength of the mold, and sometimes it is difficult to find.
Five, the glue inlet and the cross section are the important factors to control the products. The fine mold has a certain requirement on the way of making the products, and the glue point is the beautiful point, and the product will have the effect that the product can not imagine.
Six, the mold temperature adjustment loop, the mold should be controlled at the uniform temperature. Must set the resin flow direction to the temperature difference, for the flesh changes need the countermeasures taken by the department. At the moment of molding, the temperature of the mold surface of the product department should be uniform. This requires the mold cooling system to be reasonable.
Seven. The precision of the precision mould is very high. The processing mode of the machining die is very important. On the basis of molding products of cavity shape segmentation, walking wire is commonly used. So the design should be considered.
Eight, the structure of the die should be reasonable and convenient for other schemes. For example, a position may not be ideal, if the test model is not ideal, it is necessary to take the post supplement.
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