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Kunshan Diviz Precision Electronic Co., Ltd. founded in 2010, is a professional manufacturing enterprise. Mainly engaged in precision connectors, automotive parts, medical equipment parts, precision electronic parts and parts of injection mold parts processing, mold design, production and injection business. At present, our main customers are well-known enterprises in Japan, Europe, America, Taiwan and other regions.
The shape tolerance of our grinding machine can reach 0.001mm, the cumulative tolerance is 0.005mm, and the grinding precision of the main forming part can reach 0.002mm. The size of Sadegh electrical discharge machining tolerances can reach 0.005mm, R angle less than or equal to 0.03mm, the surface roughness of the mirror effect can be achieved. CNC milling machine, we not only make homemade carved machine play the machining precision of the 0.005mm, the introduction of Makino world advanced V33i machining center, which laid the foundation for the development of automatic processing. Our line cutting machine can not only do no scratch processing, but also realize the machining target of seamless matching of the hole shaft, and provide the machining foundation for the precision parts.
Since 2012, the production of automata parts has been gradually dabbled. 2015 to make the independent design and development and processing of industrial automation and intelligent detection equipment and related equipment, intelligent production, automatic welding products involving electronic connectors and automotive wire feeding and automatic production line, automatic detection of the CCD and cut the packaging production line, the instrument of intelligent automation equipment, injection molding and mold monitoring equipment. At the same time also have the equipment and production line related software development capabilities.
In 2015, the company started the business of forming injection molding. Starting from the simple mechanism parts production, continue to accumulate experience, improve the management system, in 1 years, quickly entered the optical, acoustic and precision connector production field, as the world famous miniature camera, micro microphone, speaker, electrical connectors, new energy products, to provide high quality plastic products the automotive components manufacturing enterprises.
In the same year, he worked with ROBOSTRUCT, Japan, and founded the LED Lighting Department, launched the R & D and manufacturing business of LED lighting, aiming to provide stable, reliable and safe high-quality LED lamps for customers. At present, while we are paying attention to the domestic market, the products have been successfully sold to the European and American markets.
The company has passed the ISO9001:2008 version of the quality management system certification, and in the audit of the TS16949 certification. The company has the domestic first-class processing and injection molding equipment, the precision of manufacturing, and the precision and perfect testing and inspection equipment. With the management system and system with the times, stable and excellent management team, strict and strict quality management process.
With the development of the company, we are gradually changing from the manufacturing enterprise to the knowledge-based enterprise, and our team and staff are also growing together with the company. They not only established and improved all kinds of operation guidance documents, but also developed and innovating in their work. Eventually, a large number of patent technologies were formed, which enabled the company to get the title of "technological innovation enterprise".
Professional people, with professional technology, management and experience, with professional equipment, do professional things. We will work together with customers with exquisite technology, excellent quality and intimate service, and strive to create and achieve a win-win situation.

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中国江苏省昆山市望山北路 88 号北门 7 号厂房 215300
7th Plane, North Gate of No.88,North Wangshan Road,Kunshan City, Jiangsu, China  215300

中国江苏省昆山市北门路 2159 号 6 号厂房 215300
6th Plane,No.2159, Beimen Road, Kunshan City, Jiangsu, China  215300