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What are the factors that affect the machining structure of the precision mold?

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/11/23 16:36:12 Hits:660
What are the factors that affect the machining structure of the precision mold?
Type 1. cavity layout. According to the geometric structure features of the plastic parts, the requirement of size accuracy, the size, the difficulty of mould manufacturing and the cost of the mould, the number and arrangement of the cavity are determined.
2. determine the parting surface. The position of the parting surface should be beneficial to the mold processing, the exhaust, the demoulding and the molding operation, the surface quality of the plastic parts.
3. determine the gating system (the shape, position and size of the main runner, runner and gate) and the exhaust system (the method of exhaust, the position and size of the exhaust tank).
4. choose the way of top out (top rod, pipe jacking, push plate, combined type top out), and determine the way of side concave treatment and core pulling.
5. determine the shape and position of the cooling and heating mode and the heating and cooling groove, and the installation part of the heating element.
6., according to die material, strength calculation or experience data, determine the thickness and dimension of mold parts, shape and structure, and all locations of connection, location and guide parts.
7. determine the main forming parts, structural parts of the structure.
8. consider the strength of each part of the mold and calculate the working dimensions of the molded parts.
If these problems are solved, the structure of the mould will be solved naturally. At this time, we should draw the sketch of the hand-painted mold structure to prepare for the formal drawing.
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