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Parts processing method and processing technology in die industry

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/11/23 16:23:03 Hits:627
Usually the mold parts are processed by using the following methods processors:
1, washing processing: the main is to use the milling cutter to milling the plane.
2, grinding: mainly grinding the surface of the workpiece by grinding wheel.
3, planing: mainly on the surface of the workpiece plane planer machining.
4, special processing: is the direct use of electrical energy, chemical energy and other processing methods.
5, CNC machining: mainly through digitalized information to control machine tools, so that the relative motion between the processed parts and tools can meet the requirements, and the parts can be processed from the surface.
The processing technology of die parts is generally adopted as follows:
1. Geometry precision (roundness and cylindricity) of the geometric accuracy of the journal is generally limited in the range of diameter tolerance points. When the precision of the geometry is high, the tolerances allowed on the part drawings can be stipulated separately.
Non standard mold parts.JPG
2, the surface roughness on the surface of working parts is different, can have different surface roughness values, such as the surface of ordinary machine tool spindle bearing neck roughness is Ra0.160.63um, with the surface roughness of the shaft neck is Ra0.632.5um, with the increase of the machine speed and improve the degree of precision, surface roughness of shaft parts degree requirements will be more and more small
3. The dimension precision axle neck is the main surface of the shaft parts. It affects the rotation precision and the working state of the axis. The accuracy of the diameter of the journal is usually IT69, and the precision axle neck can reach IT5. 4, the position accuracy is mainly refers to the transmission of the assembly with the shaft relative to the crankshaft bearing assembly bearing coaxial, usually with shaft radial bearing journal beating to say; according to the requirement, set high precision axis is 0.0010.005mm, and the general precision axis is 0.010.03mm. In addition, the coaxiality of the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces and the perpendicularity of the axial orientation and the axis of the axis are required.
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