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The application of the precision die for heat treatment

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/11/23 16:41:07 Hits:834
1. reasonable selection. For complex density molds, good quality micro deformation abrasive steel should be selected, forging and quenching and tempering treatment for severely abrasive steel with carbide segregation, and heat treatment of larger or ingrindable Abrasives steel by solid solution and double refining.
2., the design of the mould should be reasonable and the shape is symmetrical. We must grasp the rule of deformation for the larger mould, reserve the allowance for machining, and the large and sophisticated mold can be combined.
3. the mold should be preheated in advance.
4. the reasonable selection of heating temperature and control temperature can reduce the heat treatment deformation of the mould by means of slow heating, preheating and other balanced heating.
Under the circumstances of 5. conditions, vacuum heating and quenching are used as far as possible.
In addition, the correct heat treatment process operation and reasonable tempering heat treatment process are also limited measures to reduce the deformation of sophisticated and complex molds.
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